Barcelona wins Eurocon for 2016

28th August 2014 2144 views

Poles are super-nice, especially Michael Wnuk who arm-wrestled at the London Worldcon in the contest between Wrocław, pronounced Vrots-swaf, and Barcelona, mostly pronounced Barthelona, for the Eurocon of 2016, a thrilling contest.

Arm Wrestle

At the Shamrokon Eurocon the following weekend, Barcelona prevailed in the voting.  But we’re both winners!  The convention in Wrocław goes ahead, undoubtedly a Polcon plus a Euroconference, in August 2016 (I link to their seductive bid site)—followed in early November by the Barcelona Eurocon plus Hispacon.  Personally I’ll be at both!

To apply a bit more polish to our Eurocon we added Andrzey Sapkowski to our existing excellent Guests of Honour, Aliette de Bodard, Richard Morgan, Jun Miyazaki, and Enrique Corominas, because now we need a Pole in our lives.

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