Best of Me & Uncollected Me & Collected Poems for Easter

1st February 2014 2109 views

For the upcoming Eastercon 2014 in Glasgow, probably on the Friday evening during an hour shared with NewCon Press PS Publishing will launch highly desirable trade editions of The Best of Ian Watson and The Uncollected Ian Watson, and simultaneously—channeled by me—James Goddard’s Leaky Boot Press will present my collected poems, Memory Man and Other Poems.
Here are placeholder images of the trade editions of the duo from PS Publishing.  More wonders will be revealed in due course—and de luxe signed boxed editions will burst upon the world at the London Worldcon in August.  After adding the Queen’s head inconspicuously, these images will undoubtedly be issued as postage stamps by the Royal Mail: the-best-of-ian-watson-jhc-by-ian-watson-2051-p[ekm]94x130[ekm]the-unollected-ian-watson-jhc-by-ian-watson-2054-p[ekm]96x130[ekm] And here is the full cover of Memory Man:

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 19.17.11

Memory Man will be available in the Dealers Room at both the PS and NewCon Press tables.  The book will be an 8.5 x 5.5 inch perfect bound paperback printed on cream, acid-free paper and with a full colour cover; 158 pages.

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