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Ebola now loose in Europe because of stupidity

6th October 2014 1 comment2440 views

When a Spanish priest in Liberia became infected with Ebola a few weeks ago, the Spanish conservative government stupidly flew the priest back to Madrid, to show what caring people the conservatives are. (The priest died, so that was a waste of time and money which should have been directed at treating him and a thousand others in West Africa.) The hospital to which the priest was taken used to be a top-rank specialist dangerous diseases hospital—until the conservative government ripped out the hospital’s guts for gradual privatisation. But oh, the hospital could be rejigged in 24 hours to cope with Ebola. Result: one nurse, at least, now has Ebola and has had plenty of time to infect others; nurses usually don’t work at more than one hospital but in this case extra nurses were drafted in then returned to other hospitals. Infection is by physical contact, not air-borne, say with a drop of infected saliva, faeces, blood. Incubation period: up to around 20 days (plenty of time to infect friends and family and colleagues). Death-rate: 70% for this virus so far in Africa, out of control, with 5000 victims so far, doubling every 15 days approximately, meaning ONE MILLION victims by January coming.
Well done, bringing Ebola to Europe, imbecile Conservative “Popular” Party of Spain!
Four years ago I and my collaborator Andy West wrote a novel, The Waters of Destiny, about the true cause of the big killer Black Death, which was manifestly a haemorrhagic fever, a close viral cousin of Ebola, and how this could spread worldwide nowadays, just as Ebola is now starting to spread—which is an important matter. No publishers or agents were interested. So, two years ago, we published The Waters of Destiny as an ebook, see, first volume free. Few people have read it.  This is a very similar to the way publishers responded to Norman Spinrad‘s recent Osama the Gun, a major book about the motivations for Islamic terrorism—by ignoring it—so that he had to self-publish the text on Amazon.
The Waters of Destiny also deals with Jihadi terrorists, spreading the cousin of Ebola.
Less than perceptive publishers, moronic Spanish “Popular Party”.
I just heard that the infected Spanish nurse was “on holiday”. Where, et cetera et cetera?

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