Uncollected Me to launch at Glasgow Eastercon

5th March 2014 1991 views

Here is the lovely cover of THE UNCOLLECTED IAN WATSON which PS Publishing will launch at the Glasgow Eastercon at the same time as PS launches THE BEST OF IAN WATSON (cover not available yet). (De luxe boxed signed editions, with some bonus extra material, will launch at the London Worldcon.) Maybe I shouldn’t say “lovely” because the cover shows pictures of me…


For completists, here is the Table of Contents of this trade edition:


Three Kinds of Close Encounters with Comics

How I was Shot by Adolf Hitler

Jingling Geordie’s Hole

Beware the Pedicating Tribads!

King Weasel

Shell Shock

How the Elephant Escaped Extinction

The Drained World

Vile Dry Claws of the Toucan

The Tragedy of Solveig

Science Fiction, Surrealism, and Shamanism

The Shortest Night

The Author as Torturer

A Cage for Death



The Jew of Linz

The Big Buy

Eyes as Big as Saucers

The Aims of Artificial Intelligence

The Matrix as Simulation

The Real Winston

H.G. Wells in Timişoara

Of Warfare and The War of the Worlds

The Wicker Man

Dark City

Stephen King’s Thinner: An Attack Upon America

A Daffodil Jacket, or The Misadventures of Sebastian in Kyiv

Divine Diseases

Intelligent Design 2.0


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