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Dinah’s Mancunicon Con Report

5th April 2016 3747 views


Mancunicon took place in a corridor.  I could see quite well both ways from my tableland, or mesa which I know is a Spanish table.  Opposite me was Ops, which must mean opposite.  So I wasn’t too confused, although humans of different sizes suddenly vanished and other humans suddenly appeared instead.  I often have gaps in existence.

Most humans were good at rubbing me under my chin and on top of my head and along my back the way I like it.  One human put a bright pencil labelled Barcelona in my mouth instead of my food-leaf or my tug-of-war stone.  Barcelona was okay to bite.

The humans vibrated lots of noises and sometimes fed each other chocolate or pieces of Catalan sausage which must be made from cats.  I could see into a big room where the humans swapped small sheets of coloured paper for blocks of paper with all sorts of signs on them.  Sometimes a human asked another human to put his name inside a paper block, near the front.

My name is Dinah because I am a baby dinosaur.  I am a girl dinosaur.  There were both Mans and Womans at Mancunicon, and small humans too.  I sensed that I was on a tableland with precipices on all sides.  A human called this Roar-aima.  So I roared.  And I panted.

Outside of Mancunicon was a hurricane of rain and wind.  Maybe an asteroid caused this.  Humans at Mancunicon vibrated about asteroids, and androids.  I do not like asteroids.

Half of my mesa was named Barcelona.  The other half was named New Orleans.  After a while I trod in the swamp of New Orleans.

Behind my mesa on the other side of a cliff was a very big cave, with chairs.  Humans crowded into the big cave to hide from the hurricanes and asteroids.

There were also small caves.  Caves are not for dinosaurs. My parents went into a small cave with a big friend to vibrate about Spanish Si-Fi.  I live in Spain.  My parents have no tails.  Maybe my tail will fall off when I stand up tall like my parents.  I watched Godzilla.  I roared and panted.

I came to Mancunicon in an airy plane named Easterjet.  In the airy port my parents woke me to prove I am not a jihad bomba.  I roared and panted.  But in the airy plane I must sleep in case I harm the lektronics of Easterjet.

When I am older and fifty feet long I will fill the Mancunicon corridor.  I do not want fifty feet because that is half a centipede.  I am Dinah.  I was at Mancunicon.  This is my con report.

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