Dog Dinners, by UKLG

2nd February 2018 2414 views

Back in the autumn of 1978, Omni magazine was launched (funded by Bob Guccione of Penthouse and his companion Kathy Keeton, honour to both of them).  The first editor, Ben Bova, invited selected British SFF authors to a feast at the Penthouse club in London. And a jolly good feast it was too, served by Penthouse Pets. After dessert Barbara Bova arose and declared that if us Brit SFF scribes wrote for Omni we could eat like this every day because she knew for a fact that in England we were reduced to eating dogs.

I mentioned this in a letter to Ursula and her sense of humour was richly tickled, resulting in the reply herewith, typed on lightweight onion skin paper useful for airmail.

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