Major new novel now published (November 2012)

22nd November 2012 1468 views

The Waters of Destiny by Ian Watson and Andy West is published simultaneously in 3 ebooks with gorgeous covers, entitled Assassins, Tongue of Knowledge, and Death Overflows.

On all major platforms.  And the first book is free at

Could an Arab doctor of genius, who was also a religious fanatic, have ‘bottled’ plague (and a protection against plague) in the 12th century, as a biological weapon on behalf of the Ismaili cult of the Assassins?
Was the Black Death of the Middle Ages something much more lethal than a Bubonic plague spread by rat fleas?
Could its deliberate deployment have caused the medieval Black Death? And could the virus stored by that doctor of evil genius have survived the centuries, hidden, until nowadays?
Could modern descendants of the Assassins rediscover this “Water of Death” and use it?
Is the scientific basis of this novel accurate?
Is the historical basis accurate?
Could an ancient plague resurge to devastate the modern world?
The answer to all these questions is YES.
No other novel has brought any of this together.

Already best-selling Angus Donald, author of The Outlaw Chronicles, has praised the first book glowingly:

“Fluidly written, with finely drawn characters and spot-on historical research, Assassins (Book 1 of The Waters of Destiny) is a tightly plotted international thriller that flips effortlessly between the 12th and 21st centuries to tell a gripping tale of ancient hatreds and modern-day nightmares. Starring a murderous sect of medieval Muslims – that may just have survived into our own age – a Christian fundamentalist US Government agent hot on their trail, and a sexy Canadian history professor looking for love in all the wrong places, Assassins packs in conspiracy, action, romance and clock-ticking suspense into one thoroughly enjoyable Dan Brown-style yarn. Highly recommended.”

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