My Dublin 2019 Worldcon Schedule

27th July 2019 4364 views

Hi Folks,

Here’s my schedule of programme items for Dublin. All panels are with other exciting people. I moderate nothing due to lack of moderation. The final item on the list dictates the choice of photo!

Building an intelligent world

Format: Panel

15 Aug 2019, Thursday 19:00 – 19:50, Liffey Room-1 (CCD)

Through AI, smart cities, meshed Internet of Things, and global connectivity, we are building an intelligent, almost sentient, world. Does this intelligent world enable or disable us? Are we reducing our need for human intelligence through reliance on such a world? Will our intelligent world eventually see humanity as we see animals: as smart creatures but limited in their mental capacity?

Writing great alternative histories

Format: Panel

16 Aug 2019, Friday 12:30 – 13:20, Odeon 2 (Point Square Dublin)

Alternative history is a compelling genre, but how does this work and how much research does it entail? When does fantastical innovation (or borrowing) go too far or not far enough? Our panellists share what makes a great alternative history as well as a few of their favourite examples to read.

Eurocon: a way to experience Europe

Format: Panel

16 Aug 2019, Friday 17:00 – 17:50, ECOCEM Room (CCD)

The first Eurocon was organised in Italy in 1972. Since then a Eurocon has been held almost every year, in many different European countries, and no two Eurocons have been alike. The panel talk about what you can expect from a Eurocon.

Literary Beer: Ian Watson

Format: Literary Beer

16 Aug 2019, Friday 19:00 – 19:50, Liffey-A (Fan Bar) (CCD)

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