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Sherlocks in Spain

12th March 2014 1984 views

Great thanks to Jorge Iván and Rocio for our wedding present Detective Weekend, which we enjoyed at last, based at The Mill


by which a river rushed in spate, submerging the trees, at little Tresgrandas near Llanes! (But we had our magnifying glass with us.)


Various other sleuths wearing deerstalkers competed:


but, despite my name, I was determined to be ruggedly handsome Richard Castle.


Much study of evidence was essential:


Crimes could easily be hidden here, because the clouds were lower than the hills. We ourselves didn’t exactly solve the crime by accusing the ostrich:


but we did win 2 bottles of homemade cider for surviving the narrow, near-vertical, twisting rural forest roads we raced around (in second gear) in downpouring Asturian rain to find clues, such as interviewing the potentially homicidal butcher in his gourmet food shop in Llanes.  We were fully provided with pistols (though why were they plastic?), notepads, swabs for DNA samples, and credentials (which we were advised not to show to the Police). Casa Poli was not the Police station but a restaurant of interest with many little rustic rooms around a courtyard, which provided us with the official Police investigation and autopsy reports, as well as with a menu. Wildlife included donkeys, a Shetland pony with Brigitte Bardot hair, wagtails, the guilty wet Ostrich. The wild woodlands were full of primroses.
On the way back I survived crucifixion in seaside Ribadesella:


for trying to investigate nightlife during the day:


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