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Stability Bracelets for the Elderly!!

17th March 2013 1731 views


It is now an established scientific fact that, after a certain age is reached, mortality rates level off and then decline.

Ageing isn´t like rust; it doesn´t continue to accumulate.

To test this, hundreds of students watched different populations of thousands of flies at the University of California for months on end.  99-year-old little old ladies are no more likely to die than 93-year-old little old ladies.

(This also applies to medium and large ladies, and men.)

Very old people approach an island of stability. They reach the beach itself. By now they are moving slowly, thus the tide is still able to catch them!  They need to ascend the island and attain the plateau, the tabletop!

An Island of Stability also exists in the Periodic Table of the Elements, scientists have long assured us.

One of the elements on that island is now available thanks to recent breakthroughs in China.  That´s the country of China which gave us acupuncture and health balls, not china as in porcelain.

The normal Periodic Table stretches from the lightest element of which our bodies are made, Hydrogen with a mass of 1, all the way to Californium (mass 98) named after the University of California where the flies were watched.  Heavier elements are made by banging two lower elements into each other at very high speed, using a cyclotron which you may have seen at a hospital or the veterinarian if your PET has been imaged.  These higher elements mostly fall apart very fast by decay, but science predicted that beyond Ununoctium (118) there must be some elements that will stay stable for 1000s of years.  These have superheavy spherical nucleuses of filled shells — like spherified Californian rolls — with magic numbers of protons and neutrons.

Chinese cyclotrons have now created Uncollapsium (126) and made limited supplies available. Uncollapsium has never before been seen on Earth, only in the spectrums — which are like rainbows — of supernovas (not ordinary novas) millions of light years away, using the Hubble Telescope.

When worn on the body incorporated into correctly crafted bracelets, by resonance this element acts as an attractor in the field of ageing, pulling the elderly up to that plateau topping the island of stability.

Due to the current rarity of Uncollapsium and the cost of production, our stability bracelets are modestly priced indeed at only $999.99 per bracelet or $1899.99 for a pair to be worn on both wrists, which is calculated to be 25% more effective, or $3599.99 for 2 wrist PLUS 2 ankle bracelets for maximum stability.

Each bracelet is guaranteed against decay for 417 years, and that is only the expected ‘half-life’ of Uncollapsium.

Due to Uncollapsium being superheavy, for the comfort and safety of wearers only 5% is included in each bracelet which otherwise is of attractive paramagnetic lightweight titanium.

 Avoid disappointment by purchasing now from while stocks last.


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